Sunday, August 18, 2002

Sunday Afternoon D&D Sessions....

(or, I Can't Get To Sleep Yet, So I'm Posting A Blog, The Addicted Schmuck That I am)

... isn't. It's supposed to be regular and all, but you know how demanding Real Life™ sometimes gets. I know, I know. I shouldn't let RL bully me like that, I should get my priorities straight, tell it who's really in charge. Heh. Anyway, D&D's 3rd Edition is a really great system. I'd say it's the best so far. OD&D was a little bit on the whimsical side, 1st Ed. was too old and mismatched, 2nd Ed. was too bulky and unbalanced. 3e actually managed to strike a balance. Well, sort of. My players still haven't explored the system fully. So far, they're mostly still level 3, and still trying to rid the Moonsea city of Phlan of its little monster-infestation problem.

I sure hope that Forgotten Realms TV series pushes through and soon.

There's been talk about the nature of RPGs in a couple of discussion lists I'm on, mainly what we consider an RPG. For me, an RPG is not improv theatre, and it's not cooperative story-telling either. It must also be a game. Although an RPG is unlike a traditional game where players are playing to win, there has to be some mechanics that govern general action resolution and character trait definition at the very least. Purely freeform RPGs are right on the verge of becoming another game type altogether, if you ask me. And an all-rules, zero-story RPG is more a wargame than anything else. Still, all forms of gaming are valid past-times so long as they fulfill the primary goal for their design: players having fun. Afterall, in the end, we're all gamers.

So if you happen to get to the after-life, give me a call. Maybe we can set a game or two of Wiz-War with a couple of other gamer-guys/grrlz. Until then, game on. Life is the greatest game of them all!

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