Wednesday, September 11, 2002


Today marks one year after that terrible event occured in New York City and shocked the world. I wasn't there, but it felt not only as an attack on the U.S. but also an attack on the freedom of each of us. It doesn't matter whether the terrorists did it all for some glorious cause or another, it is terrorism and that invalidates whatever protest statement they are trying to make. Those terrorists are a sign that the human gene pool is somehow deteriorating. Clearly, they are inbred and most likely, have impregnated their own mothers so that the next generation of even more retarded terrorists will be ensured.

I am not American and I have never been to the States anytime in my life, but my heart goes out to the people affected by 9/11–to all the victims and the heroes that saved them. May we never forget this horrible event. May the people of the world always be united against those who would attack our freedom...

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