Monday, September 23, 2002

Messages From A Cel Phone

dearest b, we

have been 2gedr
4 mor dan a yr
and we hav bin
thru a lot. wev
bin thru each
ones ups and
downs, tho wer
not lving 2gedr
technicly, we
hav 'lived'

2 b bsidd each

other. we do hav
our dfrences and
i thot den dat
dis dfrences wud
lid 2 our
breakup. but d
more dat we hav
our dfrences,d
mor dat we learn

accept and

apreciate each
oder, and end up
loving each odr
more. i am so
afraid dat thngs
wil not work out
4 us. but i am
more afraid of
losing u each
day dat

pases. i kno i

am quite as
stuborn and as
hard headed as u
(hey we hav
cmilarities pla ΓΌ)
am sori if i may
b 2 much 4 u 2
handle sometimes.
i am in awe of

much u love me..

that u have bin
true 2 ur
promises ( tho
odrs hav yet to
b fulfild) i kno
a day wil come 4
each unfulfild
promise 2 b

i love u! i just

want u 2 know
that and i will
always b ur baby
as u will b mine...
gudnite my love
: ) j

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