Sunday, September 29, 2002

Sunday morning

Good day, all.

Tomorrow marks the start of my first sem hell week! I hope I don't flunk or I'm really dead!

This also means that there'll finally be time enough for gaming! Woohoo! Been prepping The Sunless Citadel as well as Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil for my two D&D 3e campaign groups.

The group that's gonna play through The Sunless Citadel would also be playing through the 7 other Adventure Path modules (plus any semblance of campaign continuity and stuff I can manage to squeeze in between the cracks).

On the other hand, the RttToEE group gets to play only through that mega-module, but it'll take 'em from level 4 to 14, I think. I'm still thinking of running the original Temple of Elemental Evil as a "prequel" bit (which seems to be quite a trend with the entertainment industry lately). Then again, I may have to do some conversion to 3e first–I'm expecting this to be a real pain. Good luck trying to line up the Encounter Levels to match some semblance of balance, not to mention headaches converting NPCs to their 3e equivalents. A straight-forward conversion would be a bit easier, kind of like a shot-for-shot movie remake, but it leaves me wanting. I'd prefer to add my own personal vision to the already developed material, as do most other self-respecting DMs, I'd expect...

Anyway... I've got only 4 more days before my project's submission so I guess I should start coding that stupid online messageboard thingy from scratch... wish me luck!

Game on, all.

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