Wednesday, October 30, 2002

A Gold Dragon Lies Beneath!

I took the Inner Dragon online quiz and found out I am a Gold Dragon on the inside. My Inner Dragon is the most honorable of all. Golds are the third rarest of all the dragons (after Platinum and Chromatic dragons) and have a station in society that reflects their rarity. I am what one might call a Draconic Knight. Golds live by a strict code of chivalry and commitment. Remember Draco? Yep, Gold Dragon. My appearance is fearsome and all-mighty but I'd never stoop so low as to bring any harm to a human. I'm one of only two dragon types that are aligned "Lawful Good" and demonstrate great magical proficiency. My piety, beauty, wisdom, and inner strengrth are absolutely without parallel.

Of course, being a Gold Dragon isn't all high ethics and codes. I like to fly around scaring things, advise humans in their affairs, and shapeshift. Strike that, I LOVE to shapeshift. And I'm great at it. In fact, who's to say I'm not really a Gold Dragon after all? My favorable attributes are honor, truth, kindness, gold, wisdom, bravery, and trustworthiness. If anyone threatens or tries to kill me, I could strike back with my breath weapon - Fire. But then, no one's tried anything that stupid in the last couple thousand years. After all, I'm about 54 feet long.

Tuesday, October 15, 2002

Nearing the end of days, v.1.2

Good day, all.

Well, I'm finally beginning to see light at the end of this dark tunnel I'm in. Tomorrow's the last day of exams, and also the due date for my IT 210 project. Anyway, I wish I make it through. Just a little more...

Oh right. I picked up a package containing Forgotten Realms Faiths & Pantheons® today at the post office. It seems to have arrived at Oct. 2 according to the postmark. Sheeesh. told me it shipped in July 15. It took something like 2½ months. Hold on. That's normal, I think. Anyway, it's better than having to shell out the extra bucks for a faster shipping rate.

May finally get time to do some gaming this coming weekend. A few days ago, when I re-installed Win9x on my old box, I stupidly forgot to backup a handful of key files. To add insult to injury, one of those files that are now lost forever are my RPG campaign notes, saved up as a MyInfo 1.93 outline. I've just realized this as I install MyInfo 2.03. Now I'm paying attention to where my outline files are actually being saved. I highly recommend MyInfo 2 for everyone who'd like a great productivity tool. I find very helpful in organizing my thoughts especially when I write. You can download a trial version over at the Mylenix website. The only down-side is that it's trialware, unlike MyInfo 1.x which was freeware. Personally, I'm willing (and did) pay to register the product...

Well... that's all for now.

Game on, all.

Sunday, October 13, 2002


Hey, all.

I'm kind of still tied up with end-of-sem issues. (I'll be really glad when this sem's over...) That is why I've once again browsed the 'Net for some games. I've collected a handful too. Mostly abandonware stuff from But these are prime stuff.

First of all, Deadly Rooms of Death. This is a very addictive and fun puzzle game. Basically, there's this guy with a sword who's been charged to exterminate the monstrous pests in the King's dungeons. You've got to help him point his sword and slay the ever-advancing horde of monsters while maneuvering out of their way. I've only gone down to the 3rd level in the dungeon, and I'm already having some difficulty with some of the puzzles. Still, hacking and slashing is fun! Anyway, it's freeware (used to be shareware), runs on Windows 9x (I think there's some ports to most common OSes), and doesn't require much in the way of system resources. Add all those up and you've got a superb time-passer.

Next are a trio of console RPGs from Squaresoft for the SNES: Bahamut Lagoon, Live A Live, and Treasure Hunter G. These three games didn't get translated to English, but thanks to one of the many fan-translation group (to all translation groups: You rock!), can now be played by non-Japanese-speaking players. The three games are very un-Final-Fantasy-like in terms of feel as well as the combat system, which uses movement grids, and being different from Square's usual offering is part of their strengths. I'm itching to play through each of them in earnest as soon as I find myself with lots of free time. BTW I'm using the ZSNES emulator, which is perhaps the best emulator out there.

[More later... I've got to go. Sorry!]

Thursday, October 10, 2002

Re-installation Blues

(Or, Well, What Do You Know, There's Wisdom In Back-Ups After All...)

Just when I'm feeling starting to feel good about finally getting around to cleaning my PC--reformatting, re-installing, and stuff... that's just when I remember I forgot to backup a handful of key files: my MyInfo data files (heaps upon heaps of notes ranging from my short stories to my RPG campaign logs). Darn it! I just hope I did accidentally back them up along with all the stuff in my Documents back-up. Unless MyInfo saved them in its own program folder, in which case they're now one of the lost wonders of the universe...

Game on, all; I have to restart my 'puter...

Friday, October 4, 2002

Yet Another Thought From The Grave

The final entry made in the same file as my previous two posts is lighter in tone, talking about a subject I'm quite fond of: Dungeons & Dragons. It seems to have been written at a time when I've just completed the three core rulebooks of the new third edition D&D. The first book, Player's Handbook, released in August of 2000, with Dungeon Master's Guide and Monster Manual following in the next two months. I think the reason why this was written in early December was because of the fact that I had to order my copies from and shipping here took all of six weeks! Well, here's the excerpt, without further ado:

WARNING: The following post contains foul and offensive language and ideas. Reader discretion is advised.

[From the Microsoft Word document, C:\My Documents\Bong\thoughts and memories\FUCK 'EM ALL.doc]

[begin excerpt--being the third and final entry in the file mentioned above; written a day before my band's four-song set at a punk rock/hardcore gig somewhere in San Pablo City, Laguna.]

December 3, 2000 ... 11:52 pm

Got all of the Dungeons and Dragons 3E core rulebooks! Man, this Third Edition of an already awesome game truly rocks! Got to try it out first when I got the Player's HandBook a couple of months back. Of course, our ongoing 2nd Ed. campaign (Against the Giants) was put on hold until I've gotten all 3 core books. Now, that the Monster Manual has arrived, the Hall of the Fire Giant King will never be the same again.

It's a bit harder to adjucate some game functions now, but it's just probably because I haven't really taken the time to read the whole PHB. A few pages here and there, just enough to know the basic concepts and, of course lots of Internet research to sort out the Attacks of Opportunity rules. Now there might be some trouble with those rules as well as the newly installed 'actions' system. Maybe I just need a good DMG's Screen… For one thing, Surprise rarely happens now with no longer simple d10 rolls doing the job – it's been integrated into the Skill system with opposed Spot/Hide checks.

I have to read up on the core books. As such, looking up rules take too much time. We've had about two sessions with our high-level Giants campaign. The first one was really tedious and spent primarily on 2 combats. Giants average a hundred and more hit points and since I have not converted the module to 3E entirely, I'm taking the average for each Giant. Hmm… This could be the reason why the sessions ran too long. Our second session ran faster in my opinion though we only had time for two combats, on account of two of my players have commitments early the next morning.

Things I have to do, look up, and/or remember:

1. Ready stats for monsters the PC spellcasters are now fond of summoning (Lilandra, Battlemaiden of Torm; Eilesseire, female human Evoker; Eris Glamer the Bard).
2. Convert stats for the giants and drow… keeping previous editions' proportions/conventions as much as possible.
3. Make more sense out of the spot/hide surprise rule and note it.
4. Read more on actions (partial, full-round, standard, etc.)
5. Fire Damage (specifically oil) for use on Trolls (I think I went easy on my players last session by allowing a one-round flask of oil burn a poor troll to the ground)
6. Read more on skills and think of ways to make each skill useful during the course of a single session (well, as much as possible)
7. Read more of the DMG and MM, as well as finish a full-read of the PHB.

Well, now more than ever D&D is my life and nothing can ever change that, barring a really hot and cool chick landing in my arms. I'm a very contented guy.

I don't know any cool chicks. I've met some girls that would pass for hot-looking in a pinch but I always discover something about the girl that turns me right off. Off the top of my head, I could think of only one girl I'd rather be with and that's Aya. My love. My life. But she's not mine now. But what I would not give to make her mine once more. Ahh, well. No one ever said finding the Holy Grail would be easy.

So that's it for now. Christmas is coming on in about 3 weeks. I may be losing work starting January next year. But those thoughts are for the future, and I've always been one for living in the present. We'll cross those bridges when we get there. I always could pass through even the tiniest crack.

Looking back at my last update, I'm surprised. I think I've made a few comments between now and the last one, but I seem to have lost it. Maybe I entered them in another file or something.

Anyway, see you later.

[end excerpt]

Hmm. That was interesting. For one, I seemed to have remembered to take medication. ; ) Though there's still that annoying sexually-repressed thought-wandering to nubile women. Just broke up with Aya then. At least, I did manage to complete most of the tasks I set out for me regarding D&D. Most of my D&D journal entries has since been entered into the wonderful MyInfo program which I urge you all to check out. I'm still using it for my D&D campaign notetaking and stuff. Definitely a cool download, even for non-D&D record keeping.

Anyway, that's all for that file. Maybe I'll post a short story or two next, but that's for another day. I've procrastinated for more than four hours already, and I've got an exam on E-Commerce in less than 24 hours.

Until next post, game on all of you, and prosper...

Thursday, October 3, 2002

A Recently-Exhumed Thought

As promised, here's the next installment of my Thoughts rant journal, taken from the same file as the one before. This one's actually dated. It seems I suddenly realized back then how good it would be to freeze these things in time. Note also that this was written on a Sunday (early morning) and before Valentine's Day. I had no significant other that time, having broken up with her little more than a month from the time of writing. As I write the rant, she has been married for all of one week. This rant covers more topics other than my sexually-repressed state, discussing among other things, religion, women's lib, and the obligatory anti-Erap sentiment...

WARNING: The following post contains foul and offensive language and ideas. Reader discretion is advised.

[From the Microsoft Word document, C:\My Documents\Bong\thoughts and memories\FUCK 'EM ALL.doc]

[begin excerpt--being the second entry in the file mentioned above]

Feb. 13, 2000 (Sunday)

It's 12:56 AM. Just finished watching Royal Rumble. Man, the match between Folley and Triple H was a literal bloodfest! Woo-hoo! Now if they could just show some real-life killing or maybe some real-life sex. But I guess people just aren't mature enough nor enlightened enough to accept such things. Me, I'm way past enlightenment and on the way to immortality.

Godhood. It befits me, and once I achieve it, I shall make more than quite a few changes around here. First off, fuck all religions. They're a waste of time and restrict humanity too much. Wussy Catholics, stupid Muslims, whiny Satanists, everyone--you're all going to have to let go.

On atheism, I can't say I don't believe a higher Power/Being/Asshole exists. I think there is a God, to put it one way. But the fact is: God isn't dead; he just doesn't give a damn about you anymore! Well, if you ask me, God's better off dead. It makes no god-damned difference!

How did I manage to make this intellectual and logical jump in reasoning? Simple. Let's cut out the most common and very wrong assumption that everything is foreordained by your god. The truth is: everything is random! Good things happen to bad people. Deal with that! Bad things happen to good people. Deal with that!

Another thing that pisses me off are the multitudes of simpletons out there who consider anyone not going to church or not following a socially-mainstream religion as Satanists. I can't begin to explain just how wrong you really are. But what can I expect? Stupid God, stupid followers. Until now, I've been wondering about the phrase, "created in His image". Your God/Allah/Buddha/Satan/anito/Bathala/ Kami/etc. must be a real loser, losers!

Okay. Let me explain. To believe in Satan is to believe in God. One cannot exist without the other. Satan and God are like your left and right ass cheeks; only difference is, they're in the Bible. So, since I don't care about God and any of his other (equally repulsive) representations in other, stupider religions, I don't believe in Satan or Lucifer or Old Scratch or whatever name he goes by in other religions.

Now, let's go to women. I am a man. And all you Women's Lib whores out there can go and suck my penis. Because whoever owns the phallic symbol is master of everyone else who don't. Because women are the weaker sex. Come on, our ancestors, barbarians and backward fools though they may be, definitely knew the natural law and that it is that women are used only for producing whelps and keeping house. Besides, that's the only things they're good for. Not much good anywhere else.

Case in point: one of the ex-presidents of the cursed land of the Philippines, Corazon Aquino. The bitch almost ruined the country! When she left, everyone rejoiced, and have been happy until that Putang-ina, Erap Estrada sat on the throne (Okay let me answer a few questions from the public and dish out some Philippine trivia for all you foreign fucks, as well as all the brain-dead Pinoys, which numbers closely equal to the current total population of the Philippines, out there: putang-ina is Filipino--that's what the Pinoys call their primitive excuse for a dialect--for son-of-a-bitch. [Of course, a more direct translation would be something like yo mama's a whore-Ed.] Yes, that's the President's first name, Putang-ina Erap Estrada. He's the latest in a long line of same-named Presidents, which began with Putang-ina Emilio Aguinaldo, the original dumbass himself. And yes, he doesn't mind the negative connotations because when used on him, putang-ina actually becomes a fine compliment).

By the way, women know your place in life. And that's behind a man, serving and living for him. Personally, I detest the idea of living with a woman as a wife or even a girlfriend. I see women as they really are: a curvaceous walking pile of mammary glands and vagina and asshole, nothing more. Women have no right to demand commitment from you. They should wait somewhere out of the way patiently until you feel like fucking something or you need them to cook or clean or ready your things. Women are nothing but possessions. And all cunts supporting Women's Liberation (probably mankind's lamest idea since Christianity; but there are a handful of other close contenders), you bitches can't do a thing about it, so take my advice:

Spread those legs and beg, whore!

[end excerpt]

Wow. I must really be angry that time. Women especially took a hard beating, it seems. Please note again, that the excerpts reflect only the author's thoughts and feelings at a frozen point in time. Perhaps, I agreed with them in that exact same moment in the past as my fingers flew over the keyboard in a feverish attempt to record the massive wars in my head, but the same can't be true now. Times change, people don't. I am not posting these rants because I'm proud of them. I'm posting them as a personal reminder of where I've gone before.

Coming up is the third and final entry in that file. It's such a short-lived journal. I'll post it after this. It's not actually a rant, more like a normal journal entry, and it was written almost 10 months after the above entry.

Stay tuned. And game on, all.

A "Fun" File From My Sexually-Repressed Youth

...which wasn't that too long a time ago, mind you. Well, most of my rantings in the past have been written at the most opportune times: when I'm seething and frustrated and at the breaking point. It seems I could trace when exactly I became jaded by going back through the various text files on my box or at random scribblings in various notebooks. But I don't have anything to hide so here's an excerpt from one of my "memory" files. Note that, in most cases, I currently do not reflect anything I have written back then. You be the judge. Thanks.

WARNING: The following post contains foul and offensive language and ideas. Reader discretion is advised.

[From the Microsoft Word document,C:\My Documents\Bong\thoughts and memories\FUCK 'EM ALL.doc]

[begin excerpt--the first segment was written just at the turning of the millenium. Sometime '99, I think]


I think authority sucks. Frankly, authority is nothing more than an excuse to abuse other people who don't have it. Which is wrong, because in the first place, most people with authority only gained their power because they were allowed to have it by the self-same people they are exercising it upon.

People with real power should be burned in hell, if they use such ability to exert dominance over others. Nothing is more satisfying than to see seemingly omnipotent beings humbled by the very persons they were trying to boss around.

I'd really love to have sex with a dozen women simultaneously.

Hmmm. Now there's a thought.

But, being the simple man I am, I'll settle for one seriously sexy babe with nothing on her mind but total sexual gratification. Someone who will plead you for it. Beg even.

*Shiver*. Now, there's a thought.

I'd really love to own all the games in the world. And also have the time, the inclination, and the people to play them with. Especially those RPGs, since you'd need an actual and, might I add, cooperative group, to play them with.

I'd also want to have limitless ideas, endlessly pouring out of the old think tank. That's so I could write really good, original stories with substance and everything and stuff.

I'd really want to carry on, but I think this is getting a bit mindless, like, you know, I'm exposing my limited intelligence and stuff like that. And well, I'll just shut the hell up. Zipped, locked, and key thrown away.

So until the next installment of my Thoughts (which might not come this millennia or ever, since I rarely really think), I'll keep what's on my mind to myself and not bother an innocent word processor like you. Bye.

[end excerpt]

I'll post the next Thought I'd written, which was in the beginning of February 2000. Incidentally, I think I ushered in the year 2000 by getting really drunk before New Year's Eve, and running around outside in my underwear, with all the people lighting up firecrackers all around, and me, trying to ignite my own... LOL. Talk about crazy. Maybe I'll upload a scanned pic of that sometime...

Until then, game on. Oh, and stay tuned for the next blast from the past.

Wednesday, October 2, 2002


(or, That Silly Game We Are All Forced To Play)

One of my childhood friends went mad one day. People ascribed it to drugs. Drug abuse may have led him to what he had become now, but it wasn't his problem. His problem was his life.

When we were born, we were dealt this cosmic poker hand that determined everything we are and have. Physical, mental, social, spiritual, and even economic: we each had our own boons and defects. It's a gambling game and most of the time, it's run by a crooked house. The odds are stacked against us, and it is no wonder that some people just give up somewhere along the way.

I had been relatively happy with my hand, but there were more than a few times before when I wished I could draw a new one, with even better cards than what I have. But I persisted in living on, making do with I had. Can't say I've done much with my life. I've barely even begun. Sometimes it gets so hard, I just want to lie down somewhere, and sleep the final sleep. But quitting this game is just as hard, if not harder, at least for me.

Going back to my friend, we've have a lot of good memories to cherish. And I hope that he won't forget those. He was one of those dealt with an unfortunate hand. Pressured on all sides, by his family, peers, and other interests, I can understand how he turned to escapism. He will always be the friend I remember.

He has long since left our circle of childhood friends, when he began to exhibit symptoms of paranoia, among other things. And now, that he has returned from dealing with his drug-related problems, he is a different man. The friend I knew has passed away.

One regret I had with what happened was how his family dealt with his problems. They separated him from us, his barkada, thinking perhaps that his drug problems were our fault. For the record, none of the members of Team Bocobos then, had ever done drugs. And then, his mother took him to their priest. I don't know what sect of Christianity they were, but from there, he took a downhill.

It's a terrible blow, but we have to go on. My barkada are now bonded tighter than ever before, following the loss of one of our own. For this, at least, I am thankful. We might have saved him, had he stayed with us. We might have, but then again, maybe not.

Everyone has to go one way or another. Those left behind have to take it in stride and move on, spiraling ever onward to entropy.

Michael A. (or Mike Telekupz, his barkada "petname") still lives in the neighborhood, but he goes his own way, a path different from the barkada's. We wish him well, and hopes that someday, he will make a full recovery and be able to succeed in all his endeavors. This is a long-overdue tribute to his memory.