Thursday, October 3, 2002

A "Fun" File From My Sexually-Repressed Youth

...which wasn't that too long a time ago, mind you. Well, most of my rantings in the past have been written at the most opportune times: when I'm seething and frustrated and at the breaking point. It seems I could trace when exactly I became jaded by going back through the various text files on my box or at random scribblings in various notebooks. But I don't have anything to hide so here's an excerpt from one of my "memory" files. Note that, in most cases, I currently do not reflect anything I have written back then. You be the judge. Thanks.

WARNING: The following post contains foul and offensive language and ideas. Reader discretion is advised.

[From the Microsoft Word document,C:\My Documents\Bong\thoughts and memories\FUCK 'EM ALL.doc]

[begin excerpt--the first segment was written just at the turning of the millenium. Sometime '99, I think]


I think authority sucks. Frankly, authority is nothing more than an excuse to abuse other people who don't have it. Which is wrong, because in the first place, most people with authority only gained their power because they were allowed to have it by the self-same people they are exercising it upon.

People with real power should be burned in hell, if they use such ability to exert dominance over others. Nothing is more satisfying than to see seemingly omnipotent beings humbled by the very persons they were trying to boss around.

I'd really love to have sex with a dozen women simultaneously.

Hmmm. Now there's a thought.

But, being the simple man I am, I'll settle for one seriously sexy babe with nothing on her mind but total sexual gratification. Someone who will plead you for it. Beg even.

*Shiver*. Now, there's a thought.

I'd really love to own all the games in the world. And also have the time, the inclination, and the people to play them with. Especially those RPGs, since you'd need an actual and, might I add, cooperative group, to play them with.

I'd also want to have limitless ideas, endlessly pouring out of the old think tank. That's so I could write really good, original stories with substance and everything and stuff.

I'd really want to carry on, but I think this is getting a bit mindless, like, you know, I'm exposing my limited intelligence and stuff like that. And well, I'll just shut the hell up. Zipped, locked, and key thrown away.

So until the next installment of my Thoughts (which might not come this millennia or ever, since I rarely really think), I'll keep what's on my mind to myself and not bother an innocent word processor like you. Bye.

[end excerpt]

I'll post the next Thought I'd written, which was in the beginning of February 2000. Incidentally, I think I ushered in the year 2000 by getting really drunk before New Year's Eve, and running around outside in my underwear, with all the people lighting up firecrackers all around, and me, trying to ignite my own... LOL. Talk about crazy. Maybe I'll upload a scanned pic of that sometime...

Until then, game on. Oh, and stay tuned for the next blast from the past.

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