Thursday, October 3, 2002

A Recently-Exhumed Thought

As promised, here's the next installment of my Thoughts rant journal, taken from the same file as the one before. This one's actually dated. It seems I suddenly realized back then how good it would be to freeze these things in time. Note also that this was written on a Sunday (early morning) and before Valentine's Day. I had no significant other that time, having broken up with her little more than a month from the time of writing. As I write the rant, she has been married for all of one week. This rant covers more topics other than my sexually-repressed state, discussing among other things, religion, women's lib, and the obligatory anti-Erap sentiment...

WARNING: The following post contains foul and offensive language and ideas. Reader discretion is advised.

[From the Microsoft Word document, C:\My Documents\Bong\thoughts and memories\FUCK 'EM ALL.doc]

[begin excerpt--being the second entry in the file mentioned above]

Feb. 13, 2000 (Sunday)

It's 12:56 AM. Just finished watching Royal Rumble. Man, the match between Folley and Triple H was a literal bloodfest! Woo-hoo! Now if they could just show some real-life killing or maybe some real-life sex. But I guess people just aren't mature enough nor enlightened enough to accept such things. Me, I'm way past enlightenment and on the way to immortality.

Godhood. It befits me, and once I achieve it, I shall make more than quite a few changes around here. First off, fuck all religions. They're a waste of time and restrict humanity too much. Wussy Catholics, stupid Muslims, whiny Satanists, everyone--you're all going to have to let go.

On atheism, I can't say I don't believe a higher Power/Being/Asshole exists. I think there is a God, to put it one way. But the fact is: God isn't dead; he just doesn't give a damn about you anymore! Well, if you ask me, God's better off dead. It makes no god-damned difference!

How did I manage to make this intellectual and logical jump in reasoning? Simple. Let's cut out the most common and very wrong assumption that everything is foreordained by your god. The truth is: everything is random! Good things happen to bad people. Deal with that! Bad things happen to good people. Deal with that!

Another thing that pisses me off are the multitudes of simpletons out there who consider anyone not going to church or not following a socially-mainstream religion as Satanists. I can't begin to explain just how wrong you really are. But what can I expect? Stupid God, stupid followers. Until now, I've been wondering about the phrase, "created in His image". Your God/Allah/Buddha/Satan/anito/Bathala/ Kami/etc. must be a real loser, losers!

Okay. Let me explain. To believe in Satan is to believe in God. One cannot exist without the other. Satan and God are like your left and right ass cheeks; only difference is, they're in the Bible. So, since I don't care about God and any of his other (equally repulsive) representations in other, stupider religions, I don't believe in Satan or Lucifer or Old Scratch or whatever name he goes by in other religions.

Now, let's go to women. I am a man. And all you Women's Lib whores out there can go and suck my penis. Because whoever owns the phallic symbol is master of everyone else who don't. Because women are the weaker sex. Come on, our ancestors, barbarians and backward fools though they may be, definitely knew the natural law and that it is that women are used only for producing whelps and keeping house. Besides, that's the only things they're good for. Not much good anywhere else.

Case in point: one of the ex-presidents of the cursed land of the Philippines, Corazon Aquino. The bitch almost ruined the country! When she left, everyone rejoiced, and have been happy until that Putang-ina, Erap Estrada sat on the throne (Okay let me answer a few questions from the public and dish out some Philippine trivia for all you foreign fucks, as well as all the brain-dead Pinoys, which numbers closely equal to the current total population of the Philippines, out there: putang-ina is Filipino--that's what the Pinoys call their primitive excuse for a dialect--for son-of-a-bitch. [Of course, a more direct translation would be something like yo mama's a whore-Ed.] Yes, that's the President's first name, Putang-ina Erap Estrada. He's the latest in a long line of same-named Presidents, which began with Putang-ina Emilio Aguinaldo, the original dumbass himself. And yes, he doesn't mind the negative connotations because when used on him, putang-ina actually becomes a fine compliment).

By the way, women know your place in life. And that's behind a man, serving and living for him. Personally, I detest the idea of living with a woman as a wife or even a girlfriend. I see women as they really are: a curvaceous walking pile of mammary glands and vagina and asshole, nothing more. Women have no right to demand commitment from you. They should wait somewhere out of the way patiently until you feel like fucking something or you need them to cook or clean or ready your things. Women are nothing but possessions. And all cunts supporting Women's Liberation (probably mankind's lamest idea since Christianity; but there are a handful of other close contenders), you bitches can't do a thing about it, so take my advice:

Spread those legs and beg, whore!

[end excerpt]

Wow. I must really be angry that time. Women especially took a hard beating, it seems. Please note again, that the excerpts reflect only the author's thoughts and feelings at a frozen point in time. Perhaps, I agreed with them in that exact same moment in the past as my fingers flew over the keyboard in a feverish attempt to record the massive wars in my head, but the same can't be true now. Times change, people don't. I am not posting these rants because I'm proud of them. I'm posting them as a personal reminder of where I've gone before.

Coming up is the third and final entry in that file. It's such a short-lived journal. I'll post it after this. It's not actually a rant, more like a normal journal entry, and it was written almost 10 months after the above entry.

Stay tuned. And game on, all.

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