Sunday, October 13, 2002


Hey, all.

I'm kind of still tied up with end-of-sem issues. (I'll be really glad when this sem's over...) That is why I've once again browsed the 'Net for some games. I've collected a handful too. Mostly abandonware stuff from But these are prime stuff.

First of all, Deadly Rooms of Death. This is a very addictive and fun puzzle game. Basically, there's this guy with a sword who's been charged to exterminate the monstrous pests in the King's dungeons. You've got to help him point his sword and slay the ever-advancing horde of monsters while maneuvering out of their way. I've only gone down to the 3rd level in the dungeon, and I'm already having some difficulty with some of the puzzles. Still, hacking and slashing is fun! Anyway, it's freeware (used to be shareware), runs on Windows 9x (I think there's some ports to most common OSes), and doesn't require much in the way of system resources. Add all those up and you've got a superb time-passer.

Next are a trio of console RPGs from Squaresoft for the SNES: Bahamut Lagoon, Live A Live, and Treasure Hunter G. These three games didn't get translated to English, but thanks to one of the many fan-translation group (to all translation groups: You rock!), can now be played by non-Japanese-speaking players. The three games are very un-Final-Fantasy-like in terms of feel as well as the combat system, which uses movement grids, and being different from Square's usual offering is part of their strengths. I'm itching to play through each of them in earnest as soon as I find myself with lots of free time. BTW I'm using the ZSNES emulator, which is perhaps the best emulator out there.

[More later... I've got to go. Sorry!]

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