Friday, October 4, 2002

Yet Another Thought From The Grave

The final entry made in the same file as my previous two posts is lighter in tone, talking about a subject I'm quite fond of: Dungeons & Dragons. It seems to have been written at a time when I've just completed the three core rulebooks of the new third edition D&D. The first book, Player's Handbook, released in August of 2000, with Dungeon Master's Guide and Monster Manual following in the next two months. I think the reason why this was written in early December was because of the fact that I had to order my copies from and shipping here took all of six weeks! Well, here's the excerpt, without further ado:

WARNING: The following post contains foul and offensive language and ideas. Reader discretion is advised.

[From the Microsoft Word document, C:\My Documents\Bong\thoughts and memories\FUCK 'EM ALL.doc]

[begin excerpt--being the third and final entry in the file mentioned above; written a day before my band's four-song set at a punk rock/hardcore gig somewhere in San Pablo City, Laguna.]

December 3, 2000 ... 11:52 pm

Got all of the Dungeons and Dragons 3E core rulebooks! Man, this Third Edition of an already awesome game truly rocks! Got to try it out first when I got the Player's HandBook a couple of months back. Of course, our ongoing 2nd Ed. campaign (Against the Giants) was put on hold until I've gotten all 3 core books. Now, that the Monster Manual has arrived, the Hall of the Fire Giant King will never be the same again.

It's a bit harder to adjucate some game functions now, but it's just probably because I haven't really taken the time to read the whole PHB. A few pages here and there, just enough to know the basic concepts and, of course lots of Internet research to sort out the Attacks of Opportunity rules. Now there might be some trouble with those rules as well as the newly installed 'actions' system. Maybe I just need a good DMG's Screen… For one thing, Surprise rarely happens now with no longer simple d10 rolls doing the job – it's been integrated into the Skill system with opposed Spot/Hide checks.

I have to read up on the core books. As such, looking up rules take too much time. We've had about two sessions with our high-level Giants campaign. The first one was really tedious and spent primarily on 2 combats. Giants average a hundred and more hit points and since I have not converted the module to 3E entirely, I'm taking the average for each Giant. Hmm… This could be the reason why the sessions ran too long. Our second session ran faster in my opinion though we only had time for two combats, on account of two of my players have commitments early the next morning.

Things I have to do, look up, and/or remember:

1. Ready stats for monsters the PC spellcasters are now fond of summoning (Lilandra, Battlemaiden of Torm; Eilesseire, female human Evoker; Eris Glamer the Bard).
2. Convert stats for the giants and drow… keeping previous editions' proportions/conventions as much as possible.
3. Make more sense out of the spot/hide surprise rule and note it.
4. Read more on actions (partial, full-round, standard, etc.)
5. Fire Damage (specifically oil) for use on Trolls (I think I went easy on my players last session by allowing a one-round flask of oil burn a poor troll to the ground)
6. Read more on skills and think of ways to make each skill useful during the course of a single session (well, as much as possible)
7. Read more of the DMG and MM, as well as finish a full-read of the PHB.

Well, now more than ever D&D is my life and nothing can ever change that, barring a really hot and cool chick landing in my arms. I'm a very contented guy.

I don't know any cool chicks. I've met some girls that would pass for hot-looking in a pinch but I always discover something about the girl that turns me right off. Off the top of my head, I could think of only one girl I'd rather be with and that's Aya. My love. My life. But she's not mine now. But what I would not give to make her mine once more. Ahh, well. No one ever said finding the Holy Grail would be easy.

So that's it for now. Christmas is coming on in about 3 weeks. I may be losing work starting January next year. But those thoughts are for the future, and I've always been one for living in the present. We'll cross those bridges when we get there. I always could pass through even the tiniest crack.

Looking back at my last update, I'm surprised. I think I've made a few comments between now and the last one, but I seem to have lost it. Maybe I entered them in another file or something.

Anyway, see you later.

[end excerpt]

Hmm. That was interesting. For one, I seemed to have remembered to take medication. ; ) Though there's still that annoying sexually-repressed thought-wandering to nubile women. Just broke up with Aya then. At least, I did manage to complete most of the tasks I set out for me regarding D&D. Most of my D&D journal entries has since been entered into the wonderful MyInfo program which I urge you all to check out. I'm still using it for my D&D campaign notetaking and stuff. Definitely a cool download, even for non-D&D record keeping.

Anyway, that's all for that file. Maybe I'll post a short story or two next, but that's for another day. I've procrastinated for more than four hours already, and I've got an exam on E-Commerce in less than 24 hours.

Until next post, game on all of you, and prosper...

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