Tuesday, November 12, 2002

Console RPGs 2...

I'm currently playing through Lufia II: The Rise of the Sinistrals right now, having just finished the first installment one or two weeks ago. So far it's a fun game, with more gameplay elements added (particularly the Ikari/Item Point system which is like a sort of Limit Break available in most equipment), as well as the random 99-level Ancient Dungeon challenge (which I've been through twice already, burning up a total of 26 hours of my playing time; don't have any plans to go back yet as I've finally managed to defeat the Boss on Level B99).

As its subtitle suggests, Lufia II tells the story of the Sinistrals' rise to power, as well as that of a young hero called Maxim, and how both were connected by the mysterious but powerful Dual Blade. Yep, it's a prequel. Finally, you'd get to know how Maxim began his adventuring, fillinf in all the blanks in between until the final battle on Doom Island (which was featured in the first Lufia game).

I'll be adding my review and ratings (in Fudge, once again) when I finish this wonderful game. In the meantime, game on, all.

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