Monday, November 11, 2002

It Begins Again

Second sem starts today. I've got a pretty light schedule set up for this sem: 9-10:00am Wednesdays is Graduate Seminar, 7-10:00am Fridays is Special Topics, and everything else is time for my Master's Thesis. I'm writing the proposal this sem though I don't have any idea as of yet what my topic will be.

The d20 Modern SRD just got released! I'm still waiting for my copy of the actual d20 Modern RPG to arrive by mail but judging from a skim through the SRD, the rules rock! Now, if only I've got actual time to game... *whine*

Also, looking forward to seeing the second Harry Potter movie when it opens here this Wednesday. Already got the date reserved for some quality time with the S.O. Now the next movie I'll be waiting for after Harry Potter is The Two Towers. Woohoo! It is a good time to be a fantasy lover indeed.

Well, that all for now. Game on, all!

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