Monday, January 27, 2003

Wrestle d20

It's finally out. Wrestle d20 is a pen-and-paper RPG about professional wrestling, based on the d20 Modern SRD. Players create their own professional wrestler complete with signature moves and styles, and fight it out in various circuits. This wonderful RPG pharaphernalia is being published in electronic format by Fantages Studios. I contributed the descriptions to some of the wrestling moves in the game. If you're both a wrestling fan as well as an RPGer, you'd like to take a look at this ruleset. Wrestle d20 is being released as a 5 different modules at RPGnet Mall (I think the first 3 modules are already out; the others released at a rate of one module per week).


  1. Interesting idea. Sadly, I've just visited Fantages Studios' website, and they seem to no longer support the Wrestle D20 game idea. From the sound of things, they're using (or at least will be using) a different system for their wrestling RPG.

    I'm still curious about whether or not they'll bring Wrestle D20 back to the market. Any idea on how people like me can contact them (i.e., an email address)?

  2. Hi, Anonymous! Thanks for your interest. Unfortunately, I have no idea how to contact the people involved anymore; 11 years has been too long. However, if you're interested in wrestling RPGs, I know there's been another release in more recent years that I thought was pretty similar to Wrestle d20... I'll have to get back to you on that one as I can't seem to remember the exact name.