Wednesday, April 23, 2003

Golem Destiny

Golem Destiny has a new home:

What's Up?

I swear, my posts are getting rarer and rarer by the week... Anyway, back here in the Philippines, the Holy Week had ended with Easter Sunday. The vacation time was much-needed and refreshing allowing me to catch-up with my RP gaming. Yep, had a marathon D&D session starting last Wednesday up till Easter Sunday (well, not actually a marathon but pretty close to one). I was taking my gaming group through the Sunless Citadel and they're almost done with the place. We'll probably see the final battle next session... Which reminds me to set up the Forge of Fury module as a sequel.

What I'm Doing...

... on my PC:
Pleurghburg: Dark Ages -- point-and-click adventure game by an independent company, Gaspop Software.
Icewind Dale 2 -- CRPG based on the Baldur's Gate engine modified for D&D 3e.
Legion Saga 1–3 -- Suikoden-esque CRPG created using RPG Maker 2000.

... on my bedside table:
The Path of Daggers -- 7th volume of the Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan.

... on my TV:
Alias -- cool spy drama series on AXN.
CSI -- 21st century Sherlock Holmes set in Las Vegas; also on AXN.
Rave -- fantasy anime; again, aired on AXN.

... in my head:
The 2nd installment to the Golem Destiny, a series of stories I've recently started.

That's all for now, folks. See you all later, and game on, always.