Tuesday, September 30, 2003

Fynn Elunium, Thief of Morroc

Here's my only character on the pRO Loki server (shown is his combat stance where he wears a dorky Hat and one of those annoying Smiley Masks the King of Prontera keeps promoting, and his sitting position, while waiting for his date in a room at the Pronteran Inn):

Fynn on Rocker Hill

Fynn hoping to get some at the end of a long day

Selrotta, Archer Inept

Blitz's constant travelling companion, Selrotta is also a member of A.E.G.I.S. Adventurers. She calls herself "Archer Inept" but she's a better shot than Blitz ^_^ (she's shown here wearing a Red Bandanna).

Selrotta with her falcon, Chopper

Laire Allicran, Knight of the Rune

And here's a picture of my knight in pRO (wearing a Helm and Sunglasses... he lost his Phantom of Opera Mask in the 7-day rollback 'coz I was playing with it at the time >_<;;):

Laire on his Pecopeco, Cramm

Blitz Harper, Fate's Falcon

Here's a picture of my hunter in pRO (he's wearing an Apple O' Archer, Purple Glasses, and a Flu Mask):

Blitz with his falcon, Beat

Saturday, September 13, 2003

An Acolyte's (ongoing) Tale

Not a flash movie, but definitely cool, here's the ongoing account of an acolyte's journey through Rune Midgard: Enelya Vardamir's Adventures in Philippine Ragnarok Online. This daily journal chronicles Enelya's thoughts, experiences, and hopes, on both pRO servers (Chaos and Loki). May fortune smile on you, good cleric!

Friday, September 12, 2003

An Assassin's Tale

Here's a flash movie that'll touch the hearts of most RO players out there. It uses text-based illustrations and BGMs from RO and .hack. It's Japanese-created, and the "Engrish" is pretty bad in most places... but somehow, I was too caught up in the story to notice the typos and grammatical errors. Enjoy!

"Assissin is a very strong job!"

Wednesday, September 10, 2003

Returning to the fold...

Hi, everyone. I'm very sorry for my absence this past few months. But like I said in my previous post below, "Ragnarok Online has taken over my life..." Heh. Well. Since the game's beta test period in June, until it ended last August, and up to now, which is the second week of pay-to-play service, I've adventured, explored, fought, died, loved, laughed, triumphed and lost in Rune Midgard. And I am looking forward to more experiences still.

My pRO Characters
Here's my two characters in Philippine Ragnarok Online (pRO). They're both on the Chaos server (I've not created any characters for the Loki server yet).

Blitz Harper Hunter Lv. 60/30—Also known as "Fate's Falcon", this mysterious hunter hails from the Forests of Payon. He has travelled the length and breadth of Rune Midgard as an archer, from the Mandragora-infested woodlands northwest of Prontera City to the Hode-spawning ground south of exotic Morroc in the Sograt Desert. Together with his guildmates and a few other travelling companions, he has braved the depths of the Pyramids in Morroc as well as the Coal Mines north of the magical city of Geffen. After these wanderings, he returned to Payon to join the Hunters. He now hunts the Argoses and giant Argiopes on Mt. Mjolnir, with his falcon, Beat, and the huntress Selrotta and her falcon Chopper, as his constant companions. As the world spirals ever closer to Ragnarok, it is yet to be seen what part Fate's Falcon will play...
Guild: A.E.G.I .S. Adventurers [ Fate's Falcon ]
Pet: Rottie Lv. 3(poring)

Laire Allicran Knight Lv. 63/35—this self-styled "Knight of the Rune" once wandered Rune Midgard as a swordsman, fighting the ever-growing monster tide, and aiding those in need. He has since been inducted into the ranks of the Knights of Prontera. While he has mastered the skill of Cavalry, he currently eschews riding Pecopecos. He has fought against the Golden Bug at the end of the Pronteran Culvert, but was unable to defeat it; the reason why Thief Bugs still infest the underground waterways. He has also explored the Undersea Tunnels beneath Byalan Island, helping keep the monster population there in check. He has also taken part in the A.E.G.I.S. Emperium Hunt which scoured the caverns of the Orc Dungeons. Recently, he was last seen near the Sunken Ship, just off the coast of the merchant-city of Alberta, looking for Success, to commission the hard-to-find master blacksmith for the forging of two star-wrought katanas, one with the power of the winds and another with fire. As Ragnarok approaches however, he knows the weapons will be of little help, but he has no choice but to try.
Guild: A.E.G.I.S. Explorers [ Knight of the Rune ]

Well, that's all for now.

Game on.