Thursday, November 27, 2003

Anime and Mecha d20

Finally got around to downloading the Anime and Mecha d20 System Reference Documents from Guardians of Order the other night (this is probably the first pen-&-paper-RPG-related thing I've read in months, since I got hooked on RO).

From what I've skimmed, the Anime d20 SRD offers point-based character creation, adds in Tri-Stat Attributes, and tinkers with a few nuts and bolts to add a more cinematic anime feel to the d20 system. New classes are drawn from popular Japanese animation concepts such as the Pet Monster Trainer, Magical Girl, and Mecha Pilot. The standard D&D classes are also broken down and modified to bring them in-line balance-wise with these new classes. So, essentially Anime d20 is BESM converted to d20. I'd prefer to stick to either standard BESM or even Tri-Stat dX for my "fast-and-fun" games though.

Now, Mecha d20 brings mecha-creation rules to d20 in much the same way that Big Robot, Cool Starships did to 1st Ed. BESM. Mecha in the rules set is not limited to classic mobile suits or super robots though but can be extended to include any vehicle. One thing that caught my eye is the Attributes, Booster and Chobam Armor. o_O Now I want to run a Super Robot Wars campaign with this! >.<

Still trying to find enough time to launch a Tri-Stat dX campaign. Something with mecha would be cool but high fantasy wouldn't be bad either. If anyone's interested, leave your idea here or email me; maybe we can set something up, even over the 'net. ^_^V

Game on.

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