Thursday, November 13, 2003

A New Look

Okay. I've finally done it. And I think it's not pretty. Grabbed a template from somewhere of the net (*cough* blogskins *cough*) and modded it with my meager html skillz (thanks, maystar! ^_^). It'll have to do until I learn more and/or find time to redesign.

Also added whole new stuff on the sidebar thingy off to your right. Cool Blogs includes links to my inspiration's and her friend's RO journal (Sevrin and Mirielle, respectively); it'll fill up with other blogs of note when I update in the future. Check out also the Online Comics I read: currently only Sluggy Freelance and RPGWorld right now.

In other news, Sevrin Astergarden has reached knighthood in pRO Loki. Congratulations, Lady Sevrin! Fynn is looking forward to more adventures with you in Rune Midgard. May we always get the rarest drops! ^_^

Game on, all.

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