Thursday, August 19, 2004


Format Tweaks
Finally got around to tweaking my random punk's template to take advantage of the post title field, among other things. Also, removed the d20 News box on the right side-bar (di na naman ako masyado interested sa d20).

Online Games
I've added a new box called online games since that's what I've been playing a lot of recently. There's only a couple of links right now: one for Philippine Ragnarok Online (pRO), the Philippines' first and most popular MMORPG right now; there's also another link for The King of Spades (KoS), a cool browser-based superhero MMORPG (one I wouldn't mind donating money to if I only had money).

If any of you ever try either of the two games above, you can contact me at these character names:

In pRO (Loki server only, the best server IMHO ^_^v),
Fynn Elenium or Perverse or Diradem

In The King of Spades,
Leonard Anthony or Arc Ranger (both of whom are based in Hong Kong right now.

Have a good day and game on!

P.S. Thanks to my beloved Light for letting me work on this.

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