Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Spire City Ascendant

Hi, everyone!

I haven't posted here in weeks! (I know, I know, I just promised a couple of posts back to post regularly =P)

But I actually have an excuse! My play-by-post Returner Final Fantasy RPG playtest campaign, Spire City Ascendant, has finally begun! It's on this site called StoryCrafter, a place for online collaborative storytelling, freeform roleplaying, and of course, role-playing games (I love my dice *kiss kiss*).

Well, go have a look into Spire City if you're interested. The game's full right now and all five main characters are just starting to poke around in the old tower-city. Hopefully, they'll all be caught up in the tangled storyline about falling empires, evil High Priests, mysterious ever-changing dungeons, cults using a previously unknown dark magic, and of course (no Final Fantasy without this one) the end of the world.

So join Dent Flair, an Okami Swordmaster; Jack Lorekeeper, the Thie--err, Treasure Hunter; Kylor Tristan, the Black Mage; Vilis Valenti, the Rune Knight (and her dragon, Valostine); and Yate the Red Mage (he's a male Mithra too, of all things!), as they make their fortune in Ascendant, the Spire City!

It is in the nature of things to change. Eternally.

Game on!

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