Sunday, January 23, 2005

Like A Phoenix...

(or, Yay! KoO's now level 2!)

The Knights of Obscurity, my pRO Loki guild, was broken a couple of weeks ago. It was immediately reformed on the very same night, last January the 5th, with Fynn Elenium taking on the guildmaster position as replacement for former guildmistress, Sevrin Astergarden. Now, a little over two weeks and two guildhunts later, the new KoO has gained it's first level up! (Pwede na ulit maki-salingpusa sa guild wars! XD~!!)

jan 23rd ~1230h
800k EXP to go (from left to right): Ices Frostmourne, Fynn Elenium, Sevrin Astergarden, Alena, Leon Cross, Maria (and her pet lunatic, Kimmy), and Kaela.

jan 23rd ~0200h
Knights of Obscurity, Guild Lv. 2 again (from left to right): Kaela, Stajah (who joined us just as we entered the "guild" dungeon), Sevrin Astergarden, Fynn Elenium, Alena, Leon Cross, Alestor (who managed to join us shortly before levelup), and Ices Frostmourne. Maria had to back out during the middle of the guild boost on account of extreme sleepiness ^^;; Special mention to Maraksus, who did join the guild as we celebrated at the Prontera tambayan (in front of Grandma's House) XD.

Game on!

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