Sunday, October 30, 2005

Massively Multiplayer Roleplaying Games

As I'm writing this, Windows Update is downloading the Microsoft .NET Framework (it's taken 2 hours and counting... don't you just love crappy 56k dialup?). I need it to run WinTin, a MUD client. I've recently begun to play MUDs again, hoping to find there what I found lacking in graphical MMORPGs like Ragnarok Online.

I'd use zMUD instead as the client, except it'll cost me $30, which I can't pay for right now. So I chose WinTin instead. It's got the same power functionalities and it's free and open source too!

What exactly am I gonna play? Lusternia! One of the things I hated about RO was the bland fetch quests. Lusternia seems to tout it's quest system a lot on their page, so I thought to give it a whirl. So in case you find yourself adventuring in Lusternia, give my character, Laire, a call.

D&D 3.5e and Humor

Since my disconnection from Ragnarok Online, I've been prepping up on reviving my pen and paper gaming hobby. Got the v3.5 books (didn't get around to buying 'em when they first came out because I was too hooked on pRO at that time). Did some online surfing to get a feel for the state-of-start in gaming. Subscribed to a couple of RSS feeds (mostly and morrus'). And that's how I stumbled on this little web comic serial called The Order of the Stick.

Now I'm a fan.

If you haven't read the comic yet AND you're a D&D gamer, then you're missing out. Get your d20s ready and join the party ASAP! You'll be traveling with Elan the Bard, Durkon Thundershield (dwarven cleric of Thor, complete with Highlands accent to boot), the beautiful rogue Haley Starshine, the halfling ranger Belkar Bitterleaf ("world's best tracker under 4 feet tall"), the mysterious elven wizard Vaarsuvius, and their leader, the veteran fighter Roy Greenhilt.

Happy birthday to me!

I think that title kind of makes me sound pathetic... *shrug*

Haven't posted in ages, despite previous promises to post more regularly. So I won't make any this time. Okay, so here we go. What have I been up to?

Well, for starters, I've semi-retired from Ragnarok Online. That's right. My decision was a bit forced; someone (who I trust enough to give access to my game account) freaked out and deleted all of my Loki server characters. Took me almost two years to get those electronic avatars to where they were. Guess that's life for you. I did cry about it, mostly because it was the lowest blow she could deal me, but, on the other hand, I guess I'm thankful. My life's been starting to move in another direction right before this incident happened, so I just took this as confirmation of my new path.

Of course, I won't forget what she Fynn Elenium and the others. They will be avenged someday. I shall have to cause the deletion of the culprit, her entire family, and all her hopes and dreams. Oh sweet, sweet revenge.

All that's for later.

I've been working again (for a month now, I think). Systems Administrator for some exclusive girl's school. Job's good, no complaints there.

My girlfriend's leaving soon (November 13th) for Abu Dabi (sp?). I do hope this time we'll hold on. We didn't have much luck the first time she left (about a couple of years ago, for Qatar). But we've learned, we've loved, and we're gonna try harder this time around. I love you, Janette.

OH RIGHT! Today's my birthday! Sorry, I almost forgot. Mom and sis just treated me to a very nice birthday lunch. Nothing fancy, just spaghetti and chicken and those little hotdogs and marshmallows on sticks... Heehee. Like a kid's party. I should be in Katiklan later today though (to meet Paeng and Krishlex and hangout at Boracay). But with my girlfriend's imminent departure, I had to take a raincheck on that.

I'm also enjoying Day Number 2 of our ultra-long vacation! No work on Monday (Oct 31st) because November 1 is a holiday. School holiday on the 2nd as well (All Soul's Day; thank you, catholicism). And I think November 3's the end of Ramadan (thank you, Islam), and the 4th's also declared a holiday since it's lonely getting stuck in between two non-working days. To make it short, no work until the 7th! It's nice having a long-ass time to relax.

I'm, like, 29 years old already, I think...? Or at least that age when you're in denial that you're growing old. Growing old's only a mindset anyway. I'm still that impish 15-year-old boy who loves gaming.

The future might be hazy, but I'm thankful that I'm getting somewhere.