Sunday, March 18, 2007

Perfect World: Race and Class Descriptions

I haven't actually ensured a CBT account yet, but I'm really hyped about this new MMO from Level Up! Using my meager Google-fu techniques and a couple of hours, I've come up with the following race class descriptions that may give some of you people an idea about the character you're going to create in the PW CBT.

Perfect World has three playable races, with each race having access to two classes, one class focused on physical aspects and the other on magic. Both male and female members of the human and elf races may choose either path; only the beasts are locked into a class based on their gender (i.e. male beasts are automatically Warriors and female Beasts are automatically Summoners).

HUMANS are blessed with boundless adaptability, making them excel in both sword and sorcery. Humans may choose to be Swordsmen or Mages.
Male Human SwordsmanFemale Human Mage
  • Swordsmen are trained in all aspects of weapons and armor, making them masters of hand-to-hand combat.
  • Mages, through long study and meditation, are masters of magic: the secrets of water, fire and earth are theirs to command. They are, however, the physically-weakest characters when just starting out.
ELVES are a winged race descended from the Aves (Don't know if this is an actual "ancient race" in PW or if it just meant "birds"). They are the only characters able to fly when just starting out. Elves may choose to be Clerics or Archers.
Female Elf ClericMale Elf Archer
  • Clerics channel the wind, thunder, and electricity--curing their allies and cursing their foes.
  • Archers are lean and graceful, beautiful but strong. They are masters of the bow, dealing superior long-distance damage.
BEASTS are legendary animal spirits made flesh.
Male Beast WarriorFemale Beast Summoner
  • Male Beasts are Warriors: Attuned to the balance between life and death, they are able to unleash their rage with explosive force. Warriors are also able to shapechange into their respective animal forms.
  • Female Beasts are Summoners: Blessed with natural charm and beauty that attracts everyone, they are able to call upon the aid of the animal kingdom, as well as shapechange into a Beast Fox (don't really know what this will be called in the real English translation though), which greatly raises their physical combat capabilities.
So there you have it. Have you already chosen your character's race and class?

As in previous MMOs I've played, I'm going to first create a human swordsman, whose first strategy would be to charge at an enemy and start the beat-down! I believe this focuses me on exploring the game world, and to get used to the nuances of the game system .  

Tune in next time for the skills of each class!

Sources: for the class details and pics for the "official" translations of the race and class names


  1. the female beasts are actually called venomancers...

  2. I guess that's what they're ca;;ed now but back when I posted this even the Philippine PW English trsanslation wasn't even available. This info's outdated by now; it's pre-Philippine PW, and and much more so pre-International PW. Thanks for the heads up as well as the read ^^v

  3. Oh, I remember now. In the Philippine Perfect World version, female beasts are called Yao-Jing. Male beasts are Yao-Shou. The wingkin archers were called Yu Mang; their priests, Yu Lings. And the human fighters were called WuXia. Hmm I forget what the human mages were called at the moment...