Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Punk Rock, Sex, and... Videogames?!?

Just saw SLC Punk! tonight; got the dvd rip from bit torrent. It was, for lack of a better term, profound. I've started living the punk philosophy way back when I found out about it, already part of the system. Back then, it filled my emptiness, gave a name to what I've always felt, made real that intangibility which I couldn't put into words. But let's face it: even real punks die. It's a sad fact, but the System swallows everyone and everything. You'd need the System if you wanted to live on. And the gods know how scared I am of dying.

So, yeah, that damn film echoed most of my life experiences so far, echoed it with such clarity it hurts. It's like a wave of melancholy sweeped through me, and I'm faced with the raw reality: life is pain and pain is living.

And a scratching at the back of my mind telling me I'm nowhere. I'm lost. Fuck the crossroads, I'm lost in the freakin' wilderness, waiting for nothing, noone.

Even if a hundred pleas for help were wrenched from my soul they won't reach anyone else's ears.

And enough emo crap.

Gyakuten Saiban 3 just came out yesterday in Japan, and, of course, I got the ROM for my DS (R4 Revolution, baby!). It's weird because it's a Japanese release and yet, it's dual language: Japanese & English! The US release, Phoenix Wright 3: Trials & Tribulations, is set for October. Why wait for the US release when the Japanese cart already has the English version already?

I hope I get some answers soon, 'cause this is really gonna keep me up at nights.

Phoenix Wright returns to kick prosecutor ass in all-new turnabout courtroom dramas chronicling his 3rd year. Yay.