Saturday, November 3, 2007

Two Months

Whoa. Has it really been two months since I posted in here?

I'm currently trying to enjoy the semestral break, it being too short for my 
tastes. I think we're supposed to report back around November 6 or something. Sigh.

Anyway, one of my classmates back in highschool threw a party a week ago, celebrating her 8th 25th birthday. A few days ago, I also had my 7th. Damn. I'm getting old.

The gaming group had a sort of mini-reunion last night. After years of almost weekly games, we're reduced to these seasonal sessions, thanks to Real Life(tm). We managed to squeeze in a couple of games of Runebound, using the Doom Track option (to make sure the game actually ends sometime) and Fast Levelups (since the endgame was kicking our collective arses). Levi and Dondon tied for the first game (highest gold) while Archie laid holy Lv23 smackdown right down on Dragonlord Margath in the second game.

Still playing Perfect World Philippines, on the Dragon Server. Glad I met up with a fine clan, Excidium, composed of probably the finest people ever on an MMORPG.

And that's it. See ya next time.

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