Monday, July 28, 2008

My tabletop RPG campaign is well underway. You can see the session logs and wiki over at Obsidian Portal. The system I'm using is Savage Worlds and the campaign is the first Savage Setting, Evernight, a fantasy campaign with a twist.

I've currently got 4 players--Benjun, Krishlex Reyval, Raphael--all of whom were my batchmates from highschool. I hope they're enjoying the game as much as I'm loving running it. On a semi-related note, I miss my home group (but that's Real Life(tm) for you).

Anyway, running Evernight has whet my appetite for more gaming, so I've been searching for an online solution to roleplaying. My previous VTT ("virtual tabletop") of choice was ScreenMonkey, which I got for free when I ran a game for CyberCon 2004.

But my current ISP, kwiknet, won't give me an external IP address, so players can't connect to any servers I'd run. That goes for the other VTTs as well (like MapTool, which I've been dying to try out). 

So that's the status quo.

Fortunately, my search turned up a surprising discovery: RPGtonight. I was actually looking more at using irc for the main game and some online solution for the battle board. RPGtonight offers all that without needing to run any servers. Everything happens on their side!

The downside is, currently, the site's character sheet functionality is d20-geared, but I think it's workable down to the dicerollers. The sheer potential of this site is unbelievable.

I'll post more once I've experimented with RPGtonight's tools a little more this weekend! I hope I can round up some victims--err, players--to try the site out.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Quick Update: Evernight

Created a campaign website over at the Obsidian Portal. Here's a banner link to the campaign:


Savage Worlds: Evernight

Finally starting up an RPG campaign again tonight, after our biweekly Texas Hold 'Em game. This will be the first time I'll be GMing a Savage Worlds game, and I'm filled with both trepidation and hope--this first-time demo could make or break the campaign. I've got 4 potential players so far: one's really hyped so no problems there; the other three's game enough to try, but if I botch the demo, there's a huge possibility they won't continue on.

This is also the first time I'll be GMing again in, like, four or five years. The ol' gamemastering wheels could be rusty. Well, we'll find out soon enough.

The campaign will be Evernight: The Darkest Fantasy, the first Savage Setting ever published by the Pinnacle Entertainment Group, Savage Worlds' wonderful publishers. I'll be starting the game off with Against the Orcs though, retooled as a sort of Act Zero to Evernight.