Sunday, November 9, 2008

It looks like progress, but it sure as fuck isn't

Recently, the municipality of Los Baños have instituted the latest stupidity since they stepped on smokers' rights: paper bags.

Despite what the morons who made this policy may think, it isn't environmental, it isn't cool, and it sure isn't fucking hip. It looks like some slapsoil peon with a relative from the U.S. hit upon this idea, and thought, mistakenly as Asian monkeys are wont to do, that aping such a practice is a realistic and ideal thing.

It isn't. It's hard to carry a reasonable degree of groceries wrapped in flimsy bags of cheap brown paper, and they don't have a convenient handhold unlike traditional plastic bags. Sure, the makeshift carton bags they provide are handy, but they only provide those occasionally. This has prevented me, and a lot of fellow customers, from buying, say, even 2 or 3 one-litre bottles of Minute Maid, among other bottled products.

It is these conceited statements of illusionary progress that makes me want to just go and take the life of these evolutionary-challenged people in power. All of them are ill-thought-out: no littering on the streets when there's virtually no trashcans anywhere, not to mention a crappy garbage collection service. Not to mention how they transgress against smokers' rights by disallowing smoking in PUJs; that's our fucking right, and noone, not even your fucking God, has any right to take it away! And then there's the paper bags: all it does is makes grocery-shopping (among other things) inconvenient for the typical consumer. And it'd be a bit more bearable if we actually had a recycle plant in town, which would of course be the whole point of using recyclable paper bags. But nooo.

So they're all shitty ideas presenting a community of progress to the world, but in reality on succeeds at proving that Filipinos, at least here in Los Baños and especially those in public office, has not progressed much beyond the level of apes.

I'm giving the finger--no, TWO fingers--to the mayor of Los Baños, whoever the fuck he is.

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  1. relax lang pre. bumili ka na lang daw ng "environmental bags" for P90.00 hahahahaha