Sunday, November 9, 2008

Tonight's Rated K Proves Once Again How Much Filipino TV Sucks

Like they do every freaking day, local Philippine TV stations continually pump out swill and garbage. Just tonight, Rated K, a "popular" (and by "popular," I mean "probably watched by the unwashed monkeys of the P.I.) Sunday night "informative" (hahah!) magazine show, has proven that Pinoy TV, never at stellar levels to begin with, can sink to even more deplorable lows.

Currently featured in tonight's segments, if several footages copied and pasted by a backwater monkey can even be called that, are stories about losers who apparently have been given a second chance by their loser God. It's actually a close competition which one, mortal or deity, is an even bigger loser, seeing as the mortal losers are what one may call prime candidates for Darwinian extinction (I mean, what the fuck? One of the featured is someone who apparently held on to a fucking live wire; only an even more stupid God could have let that one live; do us all a favor why don't you, and clean the freaking gene pool of idiots already!).

Speaking of which, noone idiot could even be more moronic than the show's apparent host, Korina Sanchez. Framing each of these idiot's crap life stories as proof that their God exists and is willing to forgive and forget... Hahah. Give me a break. But then what can anyone expect from a local two-bit television whore who's better off doing Philippine pornos instead.


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