Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Did my D&D Tiny Adventurer Just Score?

I've just joined Facebook a few days ago. I've held out so long because I thought I only needed one personal networking site (in case you're curious, mine was Friendster). Turns out I really needed only one: Facebook. It was like love at first sight...

But this post wasn't meant to be a rant about Friendster like that site's a bad ex-girlfriend. No, this is about my only reason for finally getting a Facebook account: to try out the D&D Tiny Adventures app I've heard so many wonderful things about.
So I got the account, and immediately started playing the game. It was easy enough to get into, even if you have no idea what D&D is; you just pick a character out of the eight offered, give him (or her) a name, and your D&D Tiny Adventurer is ready to be sent out on adventures to earn gold (every adventurer wants the shiny, of course), nifty gear (hopefully magical and ones he can equip), and experience points (so he can level up, to tackle on greater adventures).

You don't have to be slaved to your monitor during all these. D&DTA was designed for "sporadic gameplay" (as the designers described it): you pick an adventure and you can come back later to check if it has ended. Each adventure takes a number of encounters--challenges that test your adventurer's various traits and abilities (like his combat prowess or intellect or even his defenses)--and your hero will go through these encounters one by one, at a rate of about 10 minutes in real time. Each time your adventurer completes an encounter, reports posted to provide you with running story updates of what's happened so far.

These are most often amusingly written, like this, the final encounter of the Level 7 adventure, Hidden Shrine of Nahautl:

So did I just score? XD
Hmm. I started out just wanting to post this amusing screenie and ended up doing a review of the app, and this post had gotten quite awkwardly long. Í think I'll have to end it here with the recommendation that this app is not for D&D fans with lots of time to waste; with the "sporadic gameplay" design, everyone with access to these Internets should be playing this.

So get it now, add me as a friend (friends can heal and buff you!), and start leveling up!

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