Sunday, May 17, 2009

Marriages vs. Friendships

We shouldn't have to choose between the two. But for three of my closest friends so far (hencforth to be referred to as L., A., J1., and J2., respectively), getting married meant cutting off the relationships we've had for more years than they'd been married now: hanging out, okaying boardgames, and most importantly, playing role-playing games.

L. was one of the best players in my home game group: showed up every session, was enthused enough with whatever setting we're playing in at the moment as well as with his character, and took care of reminding players about the next game session. On top of that, he was also a very good friend who I hanged out a lot with. All of which promptly changed when he got married. 

Mr game group which has stood intact for nearly 20 years fell apart, although L. was not fully to blame for that. Now, we're trying to rebuild the group and start a game of D&D 4E (as well as Savage Worlds, I hope). Most of the players are quite tied up with Real Life(tm) and things are further complicated by geographical separation. Still, we've got about four players that can be rounded up, L. included.

What strikes me as funny is the fact that these people claim not to have difficulty finding time out for gaming. Surely you don't have to be with your spouse 24/7! That's be hell. Would it kill people to have a little afternoon off each week for gaming? 

I'm all for my friends' happiness(-es), but surely anyone can see that eschewing hobby time is very unhealthy. Things shouldn't suddenly change just because you're married. Dumbasses.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Yet Another Quitting Attempt

I'm currently on hour 18 of yet another attempt at quitting my smoking habit.

I have no idea if this will follow through or how long it will last, Even now, the craving is pulling at me and it is all I can do to resist it.

Wish me luck, everyone!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Dragonball Z: The Director's Cut

Just watched the first three episodes of the new "remastered" Dragonball Z...

And it's awesome! I was actually disappointed at first when I saw that the animation was still the same (I thought it was actually a remake or reimagining as is common these days). But as I continued watching, the wonder of the past Dragonball Z seized me, and I was aching to see more energy-blasting action.
The pacing's a lot quicker now too. They're taking out most of the grunting, staring fillers, and cutting straight to the chase. As episode 3 ended, Goku and Raditz just died from Piccolo's Makansanpo (sp?) and everyone's dreading the arrival of Vegetta and Nappa in one year.
Can't wait to see the next episodes!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Animax Asia pwned!

I downloaded the fan-subbed episodes of this FMA: Brotherhood (I'm a pirate, yaaahr!) released by Eclipse and found them superior in localization than Animax Asia's televised episodes. Looks like Animax's voice actors aren't the only ones who're incompetent, their subtitlers are fine candidates for the Darwin Awards as well! Not only that, but Eclipse releases the fansubs more than few days earlier than the Animax episode.

Animax pwned. Hahah.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

My Fighting Fantasy RPG Collection

At long last, the circle is complete!

I've been hunting down the missing parts of my Fighting Fantasy Roleplaying Game collection for years, and it has only been last week that I've finally found the two books that have been missing: Out of the Pit and Titan: The Fighting Fantasy World.

Out of the Pit

Out of the Pit is the Fighting Fantasy "Monster Manual," with stats for 250 monsters. This was actually released for the basic game but was later re-released as a sourcebook (in a largely unmodified form) for the Advanced Fighting Fantasy RPG.


Titan: The Fighting Fantasy World details the campaign setting for the role-playing games. Not only can information on the popular continent Allansia (setting of most of the FF Gamebooks) be found, but those of other continents and places as well. Like Out of the Pit, Titan was also released during the same time as the Introductory role-playing rules, but was also subsumed as a valuable sourcebook for Advanced Fighting Fantasy.

I've played the heck out of what Fighting Fantasy gamebooks I could find at the local National Bookstore and Booksale branches way back in the late '80s to the early '90s. I remember Rebel Planet as the first Fighting Fantasy I've owned. I borrowed Deathtrap Dungeon and Seas of Blood from my friends. And later on was fortunate enough to stumble upon The Warlock of Firetop Mountain--the book that started it all--in one of my Booksale hunts. Since then, my collection has grown steadily; I have most of the 50+ books in the line already.

But it wasn't until a few years ago that I learned of an actual role-playing game based on the Fighting Fantasy gamebooks. Once I found out though, I lost no time in acquiring the first two books in the series: the first was simply titled Fighting Fantasy: The Introductory Role-Playing Game...

... and the second was an adventure module with additional rules entitled The Riddling Reaver.

The Riddling Reaver

The Advanced Fighting Fantasy Series

The Advanced Fighting Fantasy line was revised the basic rules given in the two books above, and greatly expandad upon them, making the Fighting Fantasy system more of a role-playing game. This series started with Dungeoneer, which gave the base rules for Advanced Fighting Fantasy...


... and continued with Blacksand! which expanded the rules in Dungeoneer (adding Priestly magic, among others) as well as laying down guidelines for city adventures...


... and finally, there's Allansia, which provides Fighting Fantasy adventurers the means to explore the wilderness of Titan.


To Savage or Not To Savage?

Now that is the question. Do I convert the world of Fighting Fantasy to my favorite role-playing system, Savage Worlds or should I run it as is, with the Advanced Fighting Fantasy system. Both systems have their merits: Savage Worlds is fast, fun, and furious, and is certainly "old-school" enough to retain that FF feel. Running it using AFF would be a purer experience but the system, though light and old-school enough, has more than a handful of flaws.

Either way I decide, a new group of adventurers would soon be setting foot on Titan, to fight their way through their own fantasy.