Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Summer Vacation

For all its faults, being in a predominantly Roman Catholic country does have its perks: you get to enjoy lots and lots of vacation time! Granted, this time it's barely a week. It's Holy Week in Christian country but screw self-reflection and faith reestablishment, I'm having FUN instead :-P

There's a lot I want to accomplish this summer, and despite ever-annoying Real Life and Work issues that will definitely try to get in the way, I aim to achieve them. First on the list is a rewrite of Beyond Black Doors. Six years on, and that story's still clamoring to be told. I've long since parted ways with the co-author, but since I've done most of the plotting, there's no need to contact her. Besides, I'm setting it on its own world, divorced from its previous fan-fic-esque roots in Ragnarok Online's Rune Midgard. The lead female protagonist will get redesigned as well, least of all a name change from Venris Dastonia/Sevrin Astergarden to a better name: Zelle. This allows for a better dynamic with the male hero, Fynn, that wasn't possible before. So stand by for an epic swords-and-sorcery adventure as unlikely heroes try to save a dying world from those who would hasten its death.

On the console gaming front, I still have to work through a lot of backlog. There's Divine Divinity, the Diablo clone that offers better gameplay in my not-so-humble opinion, bringing more RPG to the hacking and the slashing. Dragon Quest IX is also begging to be played on my NDS. I started playing it again because I intended to enjoy the tagging and partying with my sister but I've lagged behind her so much.

There's a lot of backlog in my viewing list as well: Wolverine Anime and Supernatural Anime come to mind, among others.

So it'll be a busy summer. Have fun, everyone.