Saturday, July 23, 2011

ATTN: Cosplayers!

A lot of cosplayers say that cosplaying allows them to "express" themselves. Fucking BS (Bull Shit). The only thing they are expressing is how their crippled heads are devoid of any creative and original idea so that they can only APE the style of a character that they did not even create.

Most of the scene is composed of shallow wannabes whose idea of cosplaying rarely goes beyond the cosmetic and the physical--just like a freaking beauty contest. At least have the decency to internalize the character, you goddamn weeaboos.

I'm pretty sure this will just pass over their simple little heads. Well, konichiwa my ass, motherfuckers. OMG, using Japanese words shows how cool and otaku I am--NOT!

On Heroes

This piece was supposed to have been posted on June 12 (the Philippine Independence Day, I think), but I couldn't be arsed.

The so-called "heroes" of the Philippines represent nothing more than the rotting and decaying trash of those brown monkeys calling themselves Filipinos. They are exemplars of the worst of their execrable kind.

Take one of the more recently-inducted into their hall of heroes (or more appropriately, hall of retards): Ninoy "One-Shot" Aquino--the man who defied a dictator and then got shot in the face at the airport trying to return to a country who couldn't care less. Words can't begin to describe just how stupid that sounded, and the actual event is even more so. One could only hope that the man did not get an opportunity to pass on his inbred genes.

Unfortunately, that wasn't the case. The little bugger managed to spawn at least three retarded whelps (not counting the bastards that this obviously savage fuck-bunny sired, of course), one of which is even now doing a dubious job of being the mother-fucking President of the Philippines. This is the sort of thing that reflects the average Pinoy IQ: never higher than the low double digits. This is in a country where a 50 would get you qualified for the Senate.

These dung-flinging monkeys need to revise their criteria for selecting heroes as bad as they need to evolve beyond their backwater traditions. Heroes should be larger-than-life, they should possess freaking super powers, and most of all, they should not be losers--not victims of natural selection because they were too inferior to succeed with whatever inane thing they were trying to do in the first place.

Goddamn bastards.