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The World of Meikyuu Kingdom 11 - Timeline of the Endless Dungeons

[Part11 of my ongoing translation of "The World" chapters from the Meikyuu Kingdom GM's Book 2nd Edition. This one gives a detailed timeline of the history of the Endless Dungeons' five eras. This can be found on page 113. Original Japanese text and art is © Bouken]

Mythical Era ~ Dark Ages Era

50 B.C. Birth of the Hazard King in the "One Kingdom".

35 B.C. Coronation of the Hazard King.

0 A.D. The Hazard King calls to the God of the Three Realms and is sealed inside a dungeon curse. The Dungeon Hazard begins.

50 A.D. (approximately) The Dungeon Hazard divides the "One Kingdom" into ten smaller kingdoms: Sol, Mercurio, Venere, Terra, Marte, Jovi, Saturno, Urano, Neptuno, and Plutone. The Ten Kingdoms Era begins.

100 A.D. (approximately) The Dungeon Hazard completely covers the world, the "sky" can no longer be seen, and fairies, who were friends to humans, disappear into the darkness of the dungeons. The Fairy Twilight. In contrast, horrible ogre races appear, spreading throughout the dungeons and devouring everyone in their path.

102 A.D. The Angel, Quetzalcoatlus Northropi, descends from the Sky Floor to Venere. Birth of the religion of Hazardism. Partial secrets of the Elevators are taught to man.

110 A.D. (approximately) The ogre hordes that now infest the dungeons destroy the ancient kingdom and green forests of the Dwarves. Several of the more powerful ogre tribes band together, forming the Great Ogre Empire, subsuming the lesser tribes and expanding their power.

151 A.D. One of the 10 Wise Men of the Hazard King, the Sage of Sol, dispatches an expeditionary force to map the dungeons.

200 A.D. (approximately) The Magic Academy of Urano discovers the process of manipulating stars. Birth of Astrology.

300 A.D. (approximately) The map-making expedition force encounters the Dragon King, Umm Al Maradim. They are wiped out, leaving only one survivor to bring back a map of the world. While this map is being transcribed, it begins to undergo Dungeonization. Carta Munda devises a system of cutting the map into separate cards to prevent the spread of Dungeonization.

500 A.D. (approximately) The Magic Academy of Neptuno publishes the 100-volume "Summoner's Key", the definitive guide to the magical path of summoning.

620 A.D. Discovery of the Lost Star Light. Dungeon farming begins.

668 A.D. Uniting 108 tribes of the Great Ogre Empire, "Rock Saddle Emperor" Gorka leads the invasion of the Ten Kingdoms. Fall of Plutone.

670 A.D. (approximately) Priests who have escaped from Neptuno receive a great revelation from God in the dungeons. They must impart what they learned through oral instruction alone, without scribing their knowledge into a books that can be easily bought. The birth of Dungeon Crafting.

666 A.D. Locust swarms led by the Locust Lord, Grasshopper, wreak havoc on farmlands. Great famine around the world.

670 A.D. (approximately) Fall of Urano and Neptuno to the invasion of the Ogre tribes. Height of the Great Ogre Empire. 20 more colonies are added to the Great Ogre Empire. Books from Urano and Neptuno, which contain great magical knowledge, are scattered and lost.

681 A.D. To solidify their defense against the Great Ogre Invasion, Marte forms and leads the Mars Alliance, along with Jovi and Saturno. Three other Kingdoms--Sol, Mercurio, and Venere--also form the Solar Union with similar goals.

791 A.D. Skirmish between the defense forces of the Solar Union and Mars Alliance. The Conflagration Wars begin.

802 A.D. In the huge dungeon of Rudos, a great battle is fought between the Betelgeuse Army of Venere and the slave soldiers of Saturno. The Battle of Tetras.

845 A.D. Increased infighting between the human defenders allows the Ogres to conquer three more territories. Venere, the center of the Solar Union, falls and the capital is moved to Perpetium in Sol. The Solar Union signs a peace treaty with the Mars Alliance, and the Conflagration Wars end.

900 A.D. (approximately) The Angelic Dragon People, nomads who live near the Sky Floor, join the battle against the Great Ogre Empire.

964 A.D. Proud "Fairy Queen" Ariadne falls into an ambush by the Black Muffler gang of ogrekins and is captured. Fairies search throughout the Endless Dungeons but could not find their captive liege.

965 A.D. Phobos, leader of the Mars Alliance, meets with the fairies. He offers help in finding the Fairy Queen in exchange for the fairies' aid in the war against the ogres. Phobos gathers 3,000 Astrologists and performs a huge ritual. They discover that the "Fairy Queen" is hidden in the mouth of the "Laughing Emperor" Gundari.

Six heroes from the Ten Kingdoms infiltrate the Laughing Emperor's kingdom. Victory the Knight, a warrior known for his superhuman strength, defeats Laughing Emperor Gundari after three days of single combat, freeing the Fairy Queen. With this quest completed, the Fairy Queen rekindles the old covenant of friendship between the fairies and mankind. Victory is sainted and founds the Victory Church religion.

970 A.D. (approximately) The joint armies of the Ten Kingdoms, Fairies, and Dragon People routs the ogre invaders. The ogre tribes retreat into the lower depths of the dungeons.

998 A.D. In celebration of the victory against the Ogres, the Archangel, Wild Goose, descends among the nomadic dragon people. Invention of the organic locomotive.

1000 A.D. The First Grand Vizier Janus unifies the Ten Kingdoms. Birth of the Millenium Dynasty.

The Star Light Era

1001 A.D. The hero Victory secures a strong alliance with the Dwarves and founds the Victory Empire. Ogre stragglers, remnants from the Great Ogre Empire armies, are hunted down and slain.

1003 A.D. St. Victory goes on a dragon slaying quest, encounters the Great Wyrm "Sleepy Lacertid", and is slain by the dragon's fire breath. Lacertid is wounded grievously also and falls into a deep sleep.

1106 A.D. Khan Tigertansudragon forms the Metro Khanate, becoming its first Great Khan. The Metro Khanate begins the large-scale laying of railroads. The Way of the Ways becomes the Metro Khanate's state religion.

1172 A.D. The Millenium Dynasty starts manufacturing and selling its maps of the Dungeon. Carta Mundi oversees production of the revised maps.

1237 A.D. Research into the lost magical paths of Astrology and Summoning becomes popular.

1250 A.D. (approximately) Barbarians from the Deep Floor led by Elves start migrating upwards through the dungeon levels. Migration of barbarians.

1289 A.D. Gauss is crowned Emperor of the Victory Empire.

1292 A.D. In the Millenial Dynasty, the priest Yuggoth preaches about the Reformation. The Brotherhood of the Wrath of God is formed.

1295 A.D. (approximately) The genius dungeon crafter "Minos" is born in the secret society of dungeon crafter. Discovery of the Kernel.

1298 A.D. In the Millenial Dynasty, the Council of Sages is formed. Sages start meddling in politics.

1300 A.D. Scholars of the algorithm publish the "Optical Atlas". Development of the star processing technology. With this development, stars can be installed in dungeons without one, providing a liveable environment for mankind.

1302 A.D. The priest Yuggoth publishes the "Monster Manual". Advances in the study of dungeon monsters.

1308 A.D. To counter the barbarian migration, the Victory Empire enacts the Operation: Bombarda. Gauss has appointed a dwarf as chief technology officer and his plans stop the migration of the barbarians through the floors.

1310 A.D. (approximately) The Exposition Church gains followers in the Millenium Dynasty. Countless secret magical societies abound.

Metro Khan assimilates many small kingdoms and vassal states. Rise of Metro Khan. Fangdragon becomes Great Khan.

Great Khan Fangdragon commissions the master mapmaker Pastel to map the Metro Khanate.

1333 A.D. The dungeon core infects Horaana. Horaana Castle is lost.

1334 A.D. Emperor Gauss of Victory Empire orders the construction of a large harem, Babylon.

1339 A.D. The Metro Khanate dispatches Adventure Trains on an ongoing expedition to build new train lines and stations.

1340 A.D. The Orsini Comet, a huge broom star, crashes into the Victory Empire's territories. The Empire is devastated. The astrologist Orthanc predicts that the Orsini Comet will return in 666 years.

Warring Kingdoms Era

1364 A.D. Great Emperor Gauss dies. The Victory Empire is split by all-out civil war among would-be successors. The Succession Wars begin.

1400 A.D. (approximately) The Millenium Dynasty denounces the Church of Exposition as heresy.

1486 A.D. Inspired by writings about the Declaration of the Republic, the vassal states of the Millenium Dynasty rebel one after the other. The Antelope Revolt. Remnants of the old Mars Alliance are rumored to be behind this.

1500 A.D. (approximately) Metro Khan major expansion. With neighboring vassal states of both Millenium Dynasty and Victory Empire as its targets, tension increases among the Great Powers.

1507 A.D. Master mapmakers excavate the Declaration of the Republic.

1520 A.D. (approximately) Widespread epidemic caused by Roach King Blatter.

1537 A.D. Miss Reticle becomes the first female Grand Vizier of the Millenium Dynasty.

1542 A.D. Lacertid's lair is discovered. The Cursed Sword War begin.

1600 A.D. (approximately) Tributary trade with the Millenium Dynasty becomes popular. Active colonization of small kingdoms occurs.

1699 A.D. Victory Empire's alchemist Poe, who has been researching the secrets of eternal life, publishes the recipe for making Elixirs, medicine which can resurrect the dead.

1716 A.D. The hero Georgi slays Sleeping Lacertid with his favorite spear, 'Dragonslayer'.

1775 A.D. Distinguishing himself as trader/explorer of the dungeons, 25-year old Haglma founds the small kingdom of Haglma Adventure Alley.

The 3rd Adventure Train Expedition Group of Metro Khan discovers an empire of big ogres. Their king was called Pobedonosets.

1780 A.D. (approximately) Haglma Adventure Alley starts selling Backpacks for adventurers. With the adventurer boom that began with the mass production of Elixirs, they make a huge profit.

1789 A.D. Mercedes finally wins the long-lasting Succession Wars. Mercedes is proclaimed 'God Emperor' and orders an invasion of neighboring nations.

1800 A.D. (approximately) The Orgy Church gains many believers in the Victory Empire. An armed invasion train of the Metro Khanate disappears in the Millenium Dynasty's vassal state of Zebea. This triggers large-scale wars between the Metro Khanate and the Millenium Dynasty's vassal states.

1810 A.D. (approximately) God Emperor Mercedes urges neighboring small kingdoms to form an alliance against the Millenium Dynasty.

1814 A.D. Haglma's Adventure Alley becomes a vassal state of the Victory Empire.

1815 A.D. Victory Empire starts its invasion of the Millenium Dynasty. The Great Dungeon War begins.

1822 A.D. The Pope of Hazardism Keparlay intercedes and reaches a settlement of peace between the Millenium Dynasty and the Metro Khanate. The Goose Edict.

1827 A.D. Battle of Balthazar. An ambush by the cannons of Metro Khanate forces and a Millenium Dynasty mercenary company using astrological star weapons achieves complete victory against the brave army of the Victory Empire.

1830 A.D. Haglma Adventure Alley declares independence from Victory Empire and becomes the Holy Capitalistic Republic of Haglma. Its founder, Haglma, leaves on an expedition to descend to the Deep Floor.

1831 A.D. The Fall of Victory Empire.

Small Kingdoms Era

1833 A.D. The alchemist Poe performs forbidden experiments in the ruins of the Victory Empire. The Kingdom of the Dead, Rostomundo, is founded.

1848 A.D. Hazardism priest and alchemist Tropaion denounces Poe in his treatise "Masteral Studies". The study of Science is established.

1855 A.D. A large-scale Dungeon Tsunami is caused by the "Betrayal of an Island Whale". The geographical positions of a majority of the Ground Zero nations, still recovering from the Great Dungeon War, are randomly swapped and scattered. Because of this, most vassal states declare independence. Countless small kingdoms are founded haphazardly all over the world.

1857 A.D. Black Dwarves from Victory Empire embrace the straight edge philosophy.

1867 A.D. Master Fomalhaut becomes Grand Vizier of the Millenium Dynasty. Carta Mundi produces the 3rd Edition card maps.

1919 A.D. Narniadeth discovers the Demon Floor. "The Route to the Demon Floor" is published.

1921 A.D. The Metro Khanate's 7th Adventure Train  Expedition Group discovers the cat kingdom of Jedsneferoux.

1926 A.D. Angels start construction of El Dorado, a huge nesting site. Oracles from the Brotherhood of the Wrath of God and Hazardism assault the Deep Floor.

1928 A.D. The Millenium Dynasty officially prohibits the practice of Necromancy.

1930 A.D. An oracle receives a copy of "Gold, Gold, More Gold!" through the Elevator from Haglma, who has been gone from the city for 100 years.

1931 A.D. A black pearl fortress is built in the Deep Floor and Dark Elf Queen Squatinella starts enslaving mankind around it.

1950 A.D. Master Argorab publishes "Secrets of the Deep Floor and the Sky Floor".

1952 A.D. Reports of meeting a Rare Person named Tolkien who apparently came from outside the Endless Dungeons. Discovery of more Rare Persons on the Deep Floor.

1974 A.D. An lost book of forbidden magic from the Ten Kingdoms Era is discovered by an oppressed faithful of the Church of Exposition. A forbidden magical ritual is performed, summoning the legendary Mosquito Lord, Moscamoscamosca. The ritualist is accepted into the Footsteps of Corruption.

With support from the Millenium Dynasty, mercenaries establish the Sieben Lilien Kingdom.

1976 A.D. The Holy Capitalistic Republic of Haglma constructs branch offices one after another. Invention of the mobile phone.

1980 A.D. The Millenium Dynasty offers a huge bounty for the head of the Archmage, Hadrian Gregorius. Even now, 25 years later,  landmakers and adventurers are yet to beat this challenge.

1982 A.D. Dynamite, a 12-year old would-be Emperor, frees the Basquiat Monastery, a Hazardism church suffering under the tyranny of the Great Ogre Empire.

1984 A.D. Dynamite the Great achieves more renown as an adventurer. He joins up with the Sieben Lilien Mercenary Company.

1988 A.D. Dynamite the Great resigns from the Sieben Lilien and travels to the great cavern of Piranesi, slaying the great ogre Behemoth who lairs there. Emperor Dynamite hires 200 dungeon crafters to construct a huge fortress. Founding of the Dynamite Empire.

1990 A.D. Fall of the Central Stardust County, a vassal state of the Millenium Empire. Domitor forms the Knights of the Order of Reckless Dispute.

1991 A.D. Professor Argorab, who is currently writing "Daily Life in the Deep Floor", is found dead in his study.

1999 A.D. The Kingdom of the Dead Rostomundo begins an invasion into the Millenium Dynasty. The Insomnia War begins.

2001 A.D. One of the lords of the capital of Haglma--Theremin--invents the Training Center.

2002 A.D. The Metro Khanate's 14th Adventure Train Expedition Group discovers Mangamanga Kingdom of the amazons.

2003 A.D. The Capitalistic Holy Republic of Haglma invades 12 neighboring territories. Territorial expansion begins.

2005 A.D. Major artifacts of the Hazard King are excavated in the ancient ruins of Chamberland, bringing the attention of the Great Powers to the region.

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