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The World of Meikyuu Kingdom 15 - Duties of the Land Makers

[Part 15 of my ongoing translation of "The World" chapters from the Meikyuu Kingdom GM's Book 2nd Edition. This continues the chapter about Kingdoms with some discussion of the various duties that Land Makers are expected to perform. This can be found on page 117. Original Japanese text and art is © Bouken]

Duties of Land Makers

Going on quests outside the kingdom is not the land maker's only responsibility. The tedious and cumbersome daily work administration of the kingdom is arguably more important.

First of all, the people expect the land makers to listen to their petitions. The kingdom depends on land makers hearing their complaints and grievances and somehow solving them. They do this through various methods: direct appeals, tearful pleas, angry protests, sexuals seduction. To tell the truth, most of the problems are often far too trivial for the land makers' attention. But, wise rulers know that no petition should be neglected. The people might be privy to information unknown to the the court. The consultations they bring before the court can be a valuable source of information for uncovering a potential future problem for the kingdom. In dismissing a boring story as a pointless waste of the court's time, you might be missing the early signs of a possible crisis drawing near the kingdom. Impending signs of an invasion or a natural disaster, even rumors of an assassination, are just some of the important things that a land maker can find out from his people. When land makers keep in touch with the people sincerely and without contempt, they gain more of the people's confidence and trust. With the support of the vox populi, the court will come a long way.

Examples of the land makers' duties to their kingdom are given below.

Law Making and Enforcement

Laws are necessary for the kingdom. When a problem occurs that can not be handled by the current rules and customs, a new law must be made. When people break the law, the punishment must be swift and just. When people appeal their case, it is very important to investigate the matter thoroughly before making a decision. It is the land maker's responsibility to ensure that the appropriate penalty is carried out.

Arbitration of Disputes

People with conflicting interests will sometimes approach and ask you to resolve their dispute. Making a wrong judgement here will have a negative effect later on. Sometimes, the land makers themselves will be sued! Land makers should hear both sides of the story and weigh the facts before making a decision.

Ceremonial Functions

It is the land maker's duty to assign the people to positions where their talents would do most good and also bestow honor when they do exceptional work. Talented people will eventually benefit the kingdom if you can assign them to the right job. When there is a vacancy in the court, the next land maker can be appointed from the people.

Among the problems that people will consult you with, those about their love life would probably be the most difficult to deal with. Things like asking you to act as the matchmaker or maybe someone is suspicious that their lover is having an affair and want you to investigate... Or someone might ask you to marry them, but their family might have ulterior motives so you can not afford to be careless. When such stories are brought before you, you might just want to shout for them to stop and then walk out. But people who are in love tend to lose sight of their surroundings. If you do not handle it now, there might be bigger trouble later. So you have to hear their stories out without losing your temper.

During weddings, the land maker's duty is to play as the good host. You might even be asked to be their child's godparent when it is born. It is essential to do your duty properly during these occasions so as not to put a damper on the start of a new family.

On the other hand, the land maker also have to handle funeral rites when his people die. We recite a eulogy to the bereaved family, followed by a prayer, and usher the dead into the Elevator. The food that arrives in return should then be distributed by the land maker among the attendees.

Of course, the land maker plays a central role in celebrations. Festivals are held with the land maker taking the lead. And while the people get drunk on spirits and liquor, they shall raise their cups high, cheering, "Long live the King! Long live the Kingdom!"

Public Education

If a kingdom takes pride in being cultured should have a strong focus on public education. It raises the rate of literacy, teaches loyalty to the court and kingdom, and exposes people to the precious knowledge found in books and from foreign kingdoms. A system of education is hard to implement without trained teachers. In most kingdoms, someone who can read just gathers the children and teaches them because there are no established formal schools. Kids with good grades help develop the entire kingdom further, and there might even be programs allowing them to study abroad in some highly-cultural kingdom. The entire kingdom will surely rejoice if you can manage to send someone to study at the Perpetuum Royal Academny of Wizardry, the best school of all.

Promotion of Trade

To increase your economic power, trade with other kingdoms should be promoted. Through multiple trade agreements with other kingdoms, a kingdom can become rich without resorting to war.

However, contraband must be stopped at the border. Many hazardous items are sold on the black market like dangerous drugs, high explosives, live monsters and Angel eggs. The prevention of smuggling is an important issue for the safety of the kingdom.

Domestic and Foreign Policies

The kingdom's population will naturally fluctuate unless a policy of isolationism is adopted. This laissez-faire principle looks good in theory--you accept whoever comes to you and you don't stop anyone who wants to leave--but the reality is harsh. land makers must be very careful to block the infiltration of spies, to prevent the kidnapping of the kingdom's population be kidnapped, and to stop any inciting of rebellion. Even if you do not intend to be isolationist, you can not just leave the kingdom on its own.

Also, there are treasonous citizens who intentionally take the foreign kingdoms' sides, working behind the scenes. It might even be that prodigy whose education abroad your kingdom paid for, only to have him return as a traitor or cultist. These kinds of stories are actually quite common.

Population Control

To regulate the population, there will be times when  you want to encourage child making or restrain it. land makers are expected to lead by example, whether they are promoting the use of contraceptives or working hard at making a child! I don't know if you've noticed by now, but being a land maker is a difficult job!

In addition to those listed here, the Court has many more duties and responsibilities. With hundreds of people gathered together living in a small area, plenty of problems are sure to crop up. Sometimes, these people might even be able to solve whatever problem is plaguing the Court.

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